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In 2013, we initiated a field study to assess the status of the Arizona Toad (Anaxyrus microscaphus) in New Mexico. Herein we provide the results of three years (2013-2015) of range-wide population monitoring, a review of threat assessments, and several contributions to the basic ecology of the Arizona Toad in New Mexico. This work highlights the sensitivity of the species to abiotic factors and emphasizes the nature of annual population fluctuations in a variable environment. We provide analyses of environmental factors that influence toad reproductive behaviors, employ occupancy and detection modeling at breeding sites, and provide analyses of tadpole habitat and adult non-breeding habitat-use and movement ecology. We have built on previous threat assessments, quantitatively confirm the absence of hybridization, and assess the importance of hydroperiod on reproductive success.

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2015 Final Report: Status of the Arizona Toad (Anaxyrus microscaphus) in New Mexico



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New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

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