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Pupillid land snails (Family Pupillidae) are small (<6mm) snails with a broad geographic distribution and often found in very high density in their habitat. The sequencing of the mitochondrial genome (mt genome) of three pupillid taxa has been undertaken to understand their genome evolution more fully. The Gastrocopta cristata mitochondrial genome is 14,060 bp in length and contains 13 protein coding genes, 2 rRNA genes and 22 tRNA genes. The Pupilla muscorum, and Vertigo pusilla genomes contain all of the same genes but are of differing total sizes, 14,149 bp and 14,078 bp respectively. The AT content of the three genomes is similar at ~71% A+T which is comparable to their closest sequenced relatives. There are no major gene rearrangements among the mt genomes of the three pupillids, but the positions of many tRNA genes differ from those of Albinaria caerulea. There is a genomic sequence region of high concentration of thymine on the leading strand of the mt genome that is shared among all three genomes as well as their relatives.




Pupillidae, mitochondrial genome, Gastrocopta cristata, Pupilla muscorum, Vertigo pusilla, sequencing, Stylommatophora, mitochondria

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