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A field study was conducted during the summer and winter months of 1964 and 1965 to determine what birds breed and winter in the Sandia Mountains. Study plots were established in eight different plant communities from 10,600 feet in spruce-fir to 6,350 feet in Embudo Canyon. Of the 154 species noted, 89 were found to breed in the Sandias. Permanent residents, arrival and departure dates, total numbers of breeding pairs per 100 acres per plant community, and nests were recorded. Biomass was recorded for each species and each community. The occurrence in flocks, pairs, or singly and the beginning and cessation of song were also recorded for each species. Some species were included in the total breeding number on the basis of carrying nesting and feeding material or being present during the nesting months.



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UNM Biology Department

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James Smith Findley

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William Clarence Martin

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