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Summer 7-14-2021


Toxoplasma gondii is a pathogen whose control partly depends upon Toll-like receptors (TLR) 11 and 12, that signal through MyD88. Yet, human TLR11 and TLR12 are nonfunctional, motivating us to investigate MyD88-independent immune pathways. Parasite dense granule protein GRA24 activates p38 MAPK independently of MyD88 in macrophages. Using wild-type and GRA24-deleted T. gondii strains, I demonstrate GRA24 activates p38 MAPK, resulting in IL-12 production, and protective immunity. Furthermore, GRA24 triggers p38 MAPK-dependent CX3CL1 production. GRA24 also induces CCL17 and Ppbp independently of p38 MAPK. Additionally, I demonstrate GRA24 downregulates CCL12. Furthermore, IL-15 is negatively regulated by GRA24 through activation of p38 MAPK activation. Moreover, I show GRA24 may play a role in CD4+ T cell recruitment during T. gondii infection. Together, this research is a prime example of the fine balance of inflammatory events triggered by T. gondii to ensure persistence of both host and parasite.




Toxoplasma gondii, Myd88, GRA24, dense granule protein

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UNM Biology Department

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Dr. Eric Y. Denkers

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Dr. Irene Salinas

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Dr. Eric S. Loker

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Dr. David J. Bzik

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