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The identification of animals or parts of animals without the aid of external characteristics is confusing problem in many fields of zoology. This is especially true in some studies as life histories and the food habits of predators. A problem of this type is even more confusing in New Mexico because relatively little work has been completed on the taxonomy and the distribution of the native fauna.

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This study was undertaken primarily to furnish a ready means for the identification of the genera and species as far as possible of the more common small mammals in a Bernalillo County, on the basis of skeletal characters or from a single bone. This work will have justification in the direct application to analysis of stomach contents. The stomach and scatological specimens of carnivores reptiles, birds, and mammals may be expected to yield samples of mammalian bones it is hoped that this paper may contribute to a more specific knowledge of predator-forage relationships and a better understanding of the ecology of these animals which are useful to man.



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