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Summer 5-18-1950


The present paper, like many others already published, contributes to our knowledge of the effect of long time overgrazing and the recovery of lands temporarily retired from utilization. In the present study, an attempt is made to determine the effects of an eleven year recovery of grazing lands following misuse for nearly two centuries. The topics given detailed attention include the flora with particular reference to the grasses and forbs, the fauna with special emphasis on the rodents, and the climatic and edaphic factors.

The area in which the study was conducted is on the east side of the Rio Grande one mile directly north of the Spanish-American village of Contreras in northern Socorro County, New Mexico. The site of the investigations is on a part of vast range holdings of Mr. Tom Campbell and lies within the Sevilleta de La Joya Grant.

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U.S. Soil Conservation Service




Overgrazing, Livestock, Rio Grande Valley, Sevilleta Grant, Pedology

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UNM Biology Department

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C. Clayton Hoff

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William J. Koster

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Howard J. Dittmer

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