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Technical Report

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New Mexico Economic Development Department, New Mexico MainStreet


University of New Mexico, Bureau of Business and Economic Research


Despite a high level of organization and integration, the economic impact of arts and cultural (A & C) industries is yet to be fully realized in Silver City, New Mexico. During the period October 2008-April 2009, UNM-BBER conducted an investigation of the A & C economy of Silver City, with a focus on an inventory and assessment of the community's cultural assets. The study was done in three parts: an extensive inventory of the assets of the area's creative economy; a community-based survey of artists, preservationists, retailers, and others engaged in creative industries in Silver City and neighboring communities; and an analysis of the impact and trends of the creative economy. The findings are presented in two main parts; first, an analysis of the social assets of the local creative economy, followed by an analysis of the economic market for A & C industries in the area, including a review of trends during the 1989-2006 period. The report includes tables, graphs, and a sample survey.