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Technical Report

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Lea County Community Improvement Corporation


University of New Mexico, Bureau of Business and Economic Research


This set of reports examines economic and demographic developments in Lea County, New Mexico, and the larger region of southeastern New Mexico and west Texas. The major objective was to develop a new forecast for the economy of Lea County within the context of the larger region and to develop new population estimates and projections that reflect the changes occurring within the region. There are four documents in the series: Executive Summary; the Economy of Lea County and the Larger Region; Survey of Lea County Employers; and Population, Housing and Education in Lea County.

Lea_Co_2.pdf (781 kB)
Report - Economy of Lea County

Lea_Co_3.pdf (304 kB)
Employers Survey

Lea_Co_4.pdf (2407 kB)
Population and Housing Report