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This poster features twenty women, now deceased, who have made notable contributions to New Mexico. Women representing various ethnic groups have played an important role in New Mexico history and continue to participate in New Mexico's development. The back of the poster contains additional information on women's contributions. For selected resources on women's history, contact Sharon Fox, State Supervisor, Equal Vocational Opportunity, Education Building, 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Source: New Mexico Poster Collection, Center for Southwest Research, University Libraries, University of New Mexico


women's studies, women's history, Sister Blandina Segale, Ada McPherson Morley, Basilia Larez, Susie Rayos Marmon, Nina Otero-Warren, Maria Beatrice Shattuck, Georgia O'Keeffe, Maria Montoya Martinez, Erna Mary Fergusson, Tonita Peña (Quah Ah), Myrtle Attaway Farquhar, Maria S. de López, Mabel Burnside Myers, Dolores Gonzales, Florence Hawley Ellis, Alice "SIster Dolly" Wren, Raquel Márquez Frankel, Graciela Olivarez, Charlie Morrissey, Lauretta Loftus