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Mortar Board Society Installation, 1936. Photo from the personal files of Lena C. Clauve, reproduced in "UNM's First Dean of Women: Lena C. Clauve" by Betty Huning Hinton. Pictured in the photograph:

Front Row (l. to r.) Katherine Milner ('35), Frances Watson ('35), Marian Rohovec ('37), Roberta Palmer ('35) , Lena C. Clauve (Honorary Member), Carol Stevens, (National President of Mortar Board), Wilma Shelton (Honorary Member), Helen Goetz ('21), Geraldine Dubois ('27), Dora Russell, Lois Blair ('35), Alta Black ('34)

Second Row: Standing (l. to r.) Mary Elizabeth DeGraftenreid ('34), Grace Campbell ('34), Jane Spencer ('34), Winifred Stamm ('30), Ruth Brock ('36), Bernice Rebord ('48), Clarissa Bezemek ('33), Thelma Pearson ('36), Sara Finney ('33), Evelyn Bigelow ('36), Mrs. J.C. Knode (member from Colorado University), Ruth Bigler ('34), Delight Keller Dixon ('37), Mary Jane French ('35), Hulda Hobbs ('31), Nell Francis Naylor ('35), Estelle Weisenbach ('22), Margaret Easterday ('25), Mela Sedillo ('26).