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J. J. Brody

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The Problem

The purpose of this study is to analyze the indigenous pottery designs recovered from the Anasazi Site of Pottery Mound, New Mexico, and to demonstrate the usefulness of this design analysis to the inter­pretation of the prehistory of the Rio Grande. Special emphasis is placed on the use of design forms as unique evidence of contact between to􀀢-ns, and as an aid to chronology.

The Method of Solution

The first chapter gives the nonspecialized reader a general background knowledge of the era and area under discussion. This section also acquaints the reader with some of the specific technical and historical problems relating to the development of Anasazi pottery and pottery decoration.

Descriptions and discussions of pottery design styles relevant to and contemporary with those of Pottery Mound are found in the second chapter. These give the reader a basis for comparison and understanding of the design styles used at Pottery Mound.

Chapter III contains a description of the design styles of Pottery Mound and a discussion of their relationships with those described in Chapter II. The third chapter also discusses some of the technical and historical problems of the town that can be solved through design analysis, as well as problems of typology.

Chapter IV continues the discussion of the design of Pottery Mound, with special emphasis on the iconography of the design styles and a discussion of art forms in other media.

The fifth chapter concludes the specific discussion of the pottery design styles by correlating these with generally accepted pottery types based on non-design criteria. This chapter places both design styles and pottery types into a chronological relationship based primarily on the development of design styles.

In addition to the five chapters and conclusions which summarize the results of this study, appendices are included with supporting evidence to the conclusions and illustrative plates wherever necessary to support the text.



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