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This thesis sets out to tell the reader just why a patio style house is a legitimate alternative to the present housing forms that are being built.

1. It goes into the historical background of the building type and shows how ancient peoples responded to many of the same shaping forces that are coming to bear on present day building styles.

2. The study touches on the sociological ramifications of urban growth and how the patio house offers a better remedy than the present housing types being pandered.

3. It touches on the economics of building patio houses, and summarily demonstrates their viability.

4. Finally it shows the reader how he can build a patio house in the Albuquerque area that is:

a. less expensive to build

b. less expensive to maintain

c. less expensive to heat and cool

while supplying most of the qualities that are supposedly given to the dweller of the free­standing single-family dwelling unit.



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School of Architecture and Planning

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Edith Ann Cherry

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Hildreth Barker

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Michel Louis Roger Pillet

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