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Archaeological databases, MNI table and R script for the Spirit Cave, Thailand, collections. The faunal, botanical, lithic and ceramic databases (and MNI table) are saved as .csv files. A Readme file is attached describing the column headings and organization of the databases. Collaborating researchers for this project include Charles Higham, Masaki Eda, Ben Marwick, Peter Ng and Rachanie Thosarat. R script is provided as a zip file ( created from the repository developed and hosted at Note: This material does not derive from a new excavation of Spirit Cave; it is the data collected through our reanalysis of the curated assemblage at the University of Otago. This repository dataset is described in the manuscript: Conrad, C., Higham, C., Eda, M. and Marwick, B. (2016) Paleoecology and Forager Subsistence Strategies During the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition: A Reinvestigation of the Zooarchaeological Assemblage from Spirit Cave, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. Asian Perspectives 55(1).


A collection of databases for archaeological materials recovered and analyzed from Spirit Cave, Thailand. Data sets include faunal, botanical, lithic and ceramic materials.

MNI.csv (1 kB)
SpiritCave_Botanical.csv (1 kB)
Botanical Database

SpiritCave_Ceramic.csv (1 kB)
Ceramic Database

SpiritCave_Lithic-Rock.csv (1 kB)
Lithic Database

SpiritCave_Vert-Invert.csv (35 kB)
Faunal Database

SpiritCave_Readme.rtf (3 kB)