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Faunal data, R script, and scanning electron microscope images are provided as a zip file ( created from the repository developed and hosted at See "Repository_ReadMe.txt," for a description of the items provided in this zip file. These items include transcribed faunal data from Arroyo Hondo taken from Lang and Harris (1984; see citation in ReadMe), R script, manuscript figures created using R, and all scanning electron microscope images not provided in the manuscript. R script is co-authored by Cyler Conrad and Ben Marwick (see ah.Rmd file). This repository dataset is described in the manuscript: Conrad, Cyler, Emily Lena Jones, Seth D. Newsome and Douglas W. Schwartz. (2016). Bone isotopes, eggshell and turkey husbandry at Arroyo Hondo Pueblo. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. doi:


Scanning electron microscope images and turkey analyses for Arroyo Hondo Pueblo.