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Summer 7-10-1973


Interpretive studies of literature have been attempted by theologians, and theological aspects of literature have been studied by literary scholars. Many such works contain helpful, if limited, sections of references for further study. No significant bibliography has been published, however, which seeks to bring together in one place the necessary resource materials for interdisciplinary studies of theology and literature regarding images of modern man.

The purpose of this dissertation is to provide an introduction to and a working bibliography for an interdis­ciplinary study of images of modern man. Theology and Literature are the two basic disciplines for which an extensive list of references is provided. But essential resources are also included from the fields of philosophy and intellectual history. The deciding factor for inclusion of a work in the bibliography is its special relevance to theological concerns.

The first part of the project is an introductory state­ment which seeks to throw some interpretive light upon the problems and concerns shared by literary artists and Christian theologians alike. Included in the introductory statement are an historical overview of the relationship between theology and literature, initial reflections on methodology, a review of the changing nature of theological language, and a survey of some images of man in modern literature.

The second part of the project is an extensive bibliog­raphy encompassing (1) bibliographies of value for inter­disciplinary study; (2) handbooks, dictionaries, and encyclo­pedias essential to the disciplines suggested; (3) books and articles in the areas of methodology, literary criticism, language and theological discourse, historical and contem­porary theology, and related works on literature and theology; and (4) theses and dissertations of value for the interdis­ciplinary student of theology and literature.

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