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Specimen collected 14 September 1941. Original Locality: Albuquerque, Rio Grande below Diversion Dam. Locality: Rio Grande, below a diversion dam, Albuquerque.Catalog number: MSB637; Taxa: Pimephales promelas; Common name: fathead minnow; Count of specimens: 96; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB782; Taxa: Rhinichthys cataractae; Common name: longnose dace; Count of specimens: 5; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1079; Taxa: Gambusia affinis; Common name: western mosquitofish; Count of specimens: 60; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1162; Taxa: Hybognathus amarus; Common name: Rio Grande silvery minnow; Count of specimens: 33; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1377; Taxa: Notropis jemezanus; Common name: Rio Grande shiner; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1410; Taxa: Notropis simus; Common name: bluntnose shiner; Count of specimens: 25; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1586; Taxa: Cyprinus carpio; Common name: common carp; Count of specimens: 9; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1645; Taxa: Gila pandora; Common name: Rio Grande chub; Count of specimens: 73; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1757; Taxa: Platygobio gracilis; Common name: flathead chub; Count of specimens: 118; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1875; Taxa: Macrhybopsis aestivalis; Common name: speckled chub; Count of specimens: 147; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB2012; Taxa: Salmo trutta; Common name: brown trout; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB2074; Taxa: Oncorhynchus mykiss; Common name: rainbow trout; Count of specimens: 13; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB3218; Taxa: Carpiodes carpio; Common name: river carpsucker; Count of specimens: 27; Standard length:



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