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Specimen collected 03 September 1944. Original Locality: Pecos R. 15 mi. NE of Roswell. Locality: Pecos River, 15 miles northeast of Roswell.Catalog number: MSB68; Taxa: Pomoxis annularis; Common name: white crappie; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB333; Taxa: Gambusia affinis; Common name: western mosquitofish; Count of specimens: 12; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB569; Taxa: Fundulus zebrinus; Common name: plains killifish; Count of specimens: 46; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB664; Taxa: Pimephales promelas; Common name: fathead minnow; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1128; Taxa: Hybognathus amarus; Common name: Rio Grande silvery minnow; Count of specimens: 644; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1344; Taxa: Cyprinella lutrensis; Common name: red shiner; Count of specimens: 115; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1376; Taxa: Notropis jemezanus; Common name: Rio Grande shiner; Count of specimens: 79; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1867; Taxa: Macrhybopsis aestivalis; Common name: speckled chub; Count of specimens: 85; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB1978; Taxa: Dorosoma cepedianum; Common name: gizzard shad; Count of specimens: 404; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB2631; Taxa: Notropis simus; Common name: bluntnose shiner; Count of specimens: 818; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB3182; Taxa: Pylodictis olivaris; Common name: flathead catfish; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB3200; Taxa: Carpiodes carpio; Common name: river carpsucker; Count of specimens: 66; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB3342; Taxa: Lepisosteus osseus; Common name: longnose gar; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:Catalog number: MSB3443; Taxa: Cyprinodon pecosensis; Common name: Pecos pupfish; Count of specimens: 1; Standard length:



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