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TO THE GOVERNOR OF NEW MEXICO: THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY has the honor to submit to you, through the Board of Regents, his report for the academic year, 1955-1956. No attempt has been made to cover the entire range of the University's activities; rather, certain significant highlights have been singled out for attention in an effort to give a general picture of development and progress. Our goal continues to be that of a university, outstanding in the quality of its faculty, representative in its student body, and able to carry its full share of responsibility in providing for the educational and research needs of the state of New Mexico. In common with other institutions of higher learning throughout the country, possibly our gravest problems are those of a greatly expanding student population and a faculty salary scale which must be increased substantially if we are to attract and hold the staff which we will require. At the present rate of growth-an increase of over 16% was recorded for the first semester of the current year-even modest estimates of student enrollment show an increase of more than 50% within the next four years and the likelihood of some 1o,ooo to 12,ooo students on our campus by 1970.


UNM Annual Reports, 1955-1956


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