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The Scripted Role Play' is a tool to standardize trainer role play (as the student) interviewing the SP for the purpose of evaluating SP performance accuracy and checklisting reliability. The trainer's 'script' contains the 'student's' interview questions, expected answers and guidelines for the trainer within the role play. This helps the trainer evaluate the SP's grasp of the case details and observation skills through the role play, itself, as well as ensuing checklisting and discussion. The script allows the trainer to control the flow and process of the role play through interview questions which emphasize or ignore particular details, designating the student affect, and creating focused conversation that the medical student might engage in with the patient. This can reinforce aspects of the SP's performance, observation and listening skills and recall of the student encounter. Scripts are customized to elicit particular statements, facts and concerns that the SP is expected to recall. The trainer may evaluate the SPs performance of such case details as the Opening Statement and Trigger Question. Details may be written into the script to provide the SP with 'close' but not complete answers. These are subtleties for the SP which would determine an accurate YES/NO response on the checklist. Questions and details for customizing the role play script are drawn from the particular case history, physical exam maneuvers, checklist, trainer and SP experience with the case.'

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University of New Mexico School of Medicine


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