The Bermuda Triangle in Education:Navigating Objectives, Content & Assessment so Students Dont Disappear!'

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This interactive session focuses on recognizing and constructing meaningful learning objectives which relate content and teaching methodology to assessment. Using Finks taxonomy as a framework to create significant learning experiences, participants will actively identify learning objectives, teaching, methods, and assessment modalities which promote deep learning and maximize student success. Active learning needs a dynamic construct to be successful. With Fink's taxonomy as the basis of this construct, participants will engage in learning tasks to develop their practical understanding of a broad understanding of content and 'beyond-content' objectives, teaching/methods, and assessment modalities to optimize student learning and success. Participants will leave with resources to (1) define learning objectives within their content areas, (2) identify dynamic teaching and learning methodologies, and (3) determine the most effective assessment formats which promote learning in content areas and beyond. Methods: 1. Short didactic presentation with overheads will establish mini-workshop framework. 2. Small group collaborative problem-solving. 3. Game activities developed by presenters uses manipulative cards to visually and verbally display concepts of Fink's Taxonomy's 'dimensions' 4. Participants will use the dimensions and other aspects of the taxonomy to actively identify learning objectives, teaching and methods, assessment modalities. 5. Participants will develop transparencies to promote discussion between groups 6. Handouts with work-sheets provide future resources for applying concepts learned at this mini-workshop Presentation Abstract'

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University of New Mexico School of Medicine


Learning Objectives, curriculum, assessment, teaching methods, content


Workshop for NMHEAR

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