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This is a video documenting the creation of the E-Oculus, a permanent, real-time public visualization of international business market activity for the University of Utah Eccles School of Business. The activity monitored is both volume and volatility, in the US (Dow), European and Asian markets. Near real-time volume in the market is expressed by both the number of contrails going across the screen and the clearness or storminess of the sky. For example, blue with clouds means the market is up, and red with lightning means a down market. Daily volatility (aka the 'fear index') for each market is expressed by a changing, sometimes unearthly, sky color. Occasional ripples are a feature expressing the liquid nature of the piece, emphasizing that this digital image is merely a reflection of our reality.


Transcripts of interviews with project participants. For access to the complete data set, please contact Andrea Polli. See also http://socialmedia.hpc.unm.edu/?page_id=94, http://vimeo.com/34583849



E-Oculus.zip (213 kB)
Zip file containing transcripts in PDF format.