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6 p. ; A discussion group report of Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform.


Governmental conduct' covers behavior by a wide range of individuals, engaging in a broad scope of activities, and is addressed by a variety of statutes, rules, and codes of conduct. This report concerns the conduct of all persons occupying a position of public trust in New Mexico: elected officials, appointed officials, and classified and exempt state employees. All of these individuals owe important ethical duties to the citizens of New Mexico. Laws and rules regulating government conduct are largely concerned with 1) restrictions on the behavior of individual actors, and 2) disclosure and reporting of government activities so that those activities are open and transparent to the public. Regulations covering behavior restrictions and disclosure may be found in the Campaign Reporting Act, the Lobbyist Regulation Act, Senate and House ethical rules, agency policy manuals, the Governmental Conduct Act, the Open Meetings Act, the Procurement Code, the Financial Disclosure Act, the Personnel Act, NMAC personnel regulations, and the Inspection of Public Records Act. This list is not comprehensive. This report focuses on government conduct in the following issue areas drawn from the Task Force matrix: gifts, reporting, nepotism, honoraria, lobbying, and conduct of public officers and employees. Each of these subcategories will be considered separately.'




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