Submissions from 2016

A Kidney Biopsy Simulation Program for Nephrology Fellows: The "Phantom" Project, Maria-Eleni Roumelioti and Yue-Harn Ng

Submissions from 2015

Applying Kotters 8-Step Process to Sustain A Mandatory IPE Curriculum', Krista Dominguez-Salazar and Betsy VanLeit

Sharing Educational Knowledge, Sarah Knox Morley, Ingrid C. Hendrix, and Jacob L. Nash

Development of a High Value Care Curriculum for Internal Medicine Sub-Interns, Mary Lacy, Leonard Noronha, and Eileen Barett

Core Competencies Addressed in Grand Rounds of Academic Departments, Molly E. Maenchen, Elizabeth S. Rodriguez, Betty J. Skipper, and William F. Rayburn