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Context The University of New Mexico School of Medicine (UNM SOM) will require that all medical students graduate with a Public Health Certificate (PHC). Strategies to overcome identified barriers to implementation of the Certificate have been identified. Objectives - To illustrate the process involved in implementing the PHC - To share the planning and implementation outcomes Setting - Southwestern, U.S. Institution of Higher Education (IHE), the UNM SOM in collaboration with one other IHE, community agencies and organizations interventions - Assess and modify institutional policies and resources that may hinder implementation of the PHC - Identify where PHC curriculum elements can be integrated into existing courses and training venues - Develop evaluation measures to measure outcomes Main Outcomes Integration of the PHC in the medical school curriculum; inter and intra collaboration of the various programs, divisions, and departments; graduate all medical students with a PHC; assess what works and what needs improvement in the process Conclusions - The process of creating a required PHC for all medical students is very rewarding, yet challenging. Extensive planning, flexibility, creativity, collaboration, and resources are essential to make the PHC a reality


Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of New Mexico School of Medicine


Presented Sept. 2006 at the Network: TUFH conference, Ghent, Belgium