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This study was designed to investigate whether early detection of melanoma through skin self-examination could improve chances of survival. The researchers collected data from 650 Connecticut residents with a primary cutaneous melanoma diagnosed between January 15, 1987 and May 15, 1989 and from a control group of 573 Connecticut residents selected through random digit dialing. The researchers designed a structured questionnaire to assess subject characteristics such as basic demographics, familial history of skin cancer, pigmentary characteristics, health history, and potential confounding factors such as recreational and occupational sun exposure and sunlamp use. Data has been analyzed and the results published in multiple peer-reviewed venues.


This record does not contain the actual data set, but serves as a finding aide to put interested parties into contact with one of the data collectors and study authors, Marianne Berwick, whose contact information can be found in the file "mberwick_contact." A list of publications that employed this dataset can be found in the file "pub_bib."