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This paper describes a new architecture for transient mobile networks destined to merge existing and future network architectures, communication implementations and protocol operations by introducing a new paradigm to data delivery and identification. The main goal of our research is to enable seamless end-to-end communication between mobile and stationary devices across multiple networks and through multiple communication environments. The architecture establishes a set of infrastructure components and protocols that set the ground for a Persistent Identification Network (PIN). The basis for the operation of PIN is an identification space consisting of unique location independent identifiers similar to the ones implemented in the Handle system. Persistent Identifiers are used to identify and locate Digital Entities which can include devices, services, users and even traffic. The architecture establishes a primary connection independent logical structure that can operate over conventional networks or more advanced peer-to-peer aggregation networks. Communication is based on routing pools and novel protocols for routing data across several abstraction levels of the network, regardless of the end-points’ current association and state. The architecture also postulates a new type of network referred to as the Green Network. The Green Network has protocols to coordinate routing traffic and to allow for the identification and authentication of devices, services, users and content characterized as Digital Entities. Transmission is assumed to initiate and terminate at transient physical locations. The network implements every reasonable effort to coordinate a prompt delivery to the transient end-points using whatever means available. This paper is a conceptual logical model of the intended architecture and specifics about its particular components and their implementations will be discussed in future papers.

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