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Medical Library Association, South Central Chapter, MLA, SCC, EBSCC, scholarly communication


Objective: The Evidence-Based Scholarly Communication Conference (EBSCC) was held March 11-12, 2010 in Albuquerque, NM. The conference address the perceived gap in knowledge and training for scholarly communication principles in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program. This poster summarizes the preliminary results from the conferences novel evaluation plan. The surveys assessed baseline knowledge, initial activity related to conference topics, conference evaluation, immediate to short-term local adoption of learned practices, and posed questions about future actions. Methods: The evaluation plan consisted of one pre-conference and a two phased, post-conference, web-based surveys. No on-site conference evaluation was performed. The pre-conference survey occurred 2 weeks before the conference. Phase one of post-conference survey was performed 3 weeks after the conference. Phase two of the survey is scheduled to be deployed in early November, six months after phase one. Results: A total of 46 people from 25 unique institutions attended. Thirty-three attendees completed the pre-conference survey and 23 completed the first post-conference survey. In both cases around 50% were from CTSA funded institutions, 30% indicated their institution was applying, 10% were from institutions with plans to apply, and 10% did not reply or it was not applicable. Conclusions: Attendees generally agreed with the premise of the conference that there is a gap in knowledge and training for scholarly communication principles in the current CTSA Program, that the conference provided helpful information they can use locally, and the medical librarian community should develop a coordinated effort to work with the CTSA Program address this deficiency.'


Abstract and poster presented at the 2010 Medical Library Association, South Central Chapter Meeting, October 18, 2010; Austin, TX