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Prof. L. C. Butscher was out of town for a few days the first of the week. Edw. Springer went to Raton Friday afternoon in answer to a telegram from his father. The regular meeting of the Glee Club has been set for Wednesday afternoon. The boys have at last began practising baseball. Sunday the Normal band took a trip to the Hot Springs and played to a crowd in the park. As night came on they went to the Montezuma, and played so well that they were given a splendid supper. There has been some trouble lately on account of a disturbance in the literary societies. However, as the students asked for another trial, the faculty will do nothing in the matter now. A certain member of the faculty, by miscellaneous drawings and rhymes, has proven himself a veritable "Father Goose." Friday morning, Mr Holden, the Methodist singing evangelist, visited the school, and at chapel sang several selections, among which was the beautiful and ever popular "Holy City." The students enjoyed the singing immensely. It is not often that they have such a treat.


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