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University of New Mexico, Bureau of Business and Economic Research


STC.UNM (STC) is the technology transfer and economic development organization of the University of New Mexico. STC, a nonprofit corporation formed to protect and commercialize faculty inventions, asked the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) to conduct a study of the economic impact on New Mexico of start-up companies using STC technologies. BBER conducted similar analyses in 2011 and 2004. BBER found that in 2013, these start-up companies attracted $17.5 million in venture capital money to the state; had sales of $3.6 million; paid over $5.9 million in salary and benefits to 83 employees, with an average compensation of $71,065, well above the state average. Brief descriptions of and Internet addresses for the 26 companies surveyed are listed in an appendix.


See also the 2004 and 2011 BBER economic impact reports on the STC.